Corporation details - Sarano Planetary Goods Distribution [S.PGD]
Alliance: None CEO: Azari Sarano
Kills: 0 HQ:
Losses: 1 Members: 75
ISK destroyed: 0.00B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.02B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 0% Website: http://
“They live forever. But many of them are even more lonely and miserable than we are. Why do you think they bother with us? We teach them life's value.”

S.PGD started as an industrial corporation in the Heimatar region, now they are much more and continue to grow and thrive in various endeavors ranging from their backbone of strong willed miners, to combat pilots always pushing and testing themselves in the warzone - usually among the Minmatar Militia.

From a background of Matari loyalists, S.PGD still considers itself close allies of Ushra'khan and the many other alliances and corporations of the Matari Militia.

Now, CEO Sarano uses the latest expansion to push her fabled arena and array of violent and blood pumping sports around New Eden from within the Hek system. Visitors and combatants are welcome to try their luck.

Watch us reach for the stars, help us grow and thrive. Contact CEO
Azari Sarano for more details.

( Roleplay friendly, though not required. )
10 Most recent kills

No data.

10 Most recent losses
Ship type Victim Final blow Location
Black Rise, Kedama (0.3)
I: 13

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