Corporation details - Rock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels [RSA2]
Alliance: None CEO: Licky McLitty
Kills: 0 HQ: Dodixie IX - Moon 20 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant
Losses: 1 Members: 3
ISK destroyed: 0.00B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.00B Tax Rate: 0%
Efficiency: 0% Website: http://
If you want a place to grow, do your own thing, with full support of corp mates who have been around the block. this is the place to come.

Diplo/Directors: TheButcherPete
Recruitment officer: TheButcherPete

For recruitment please apply to
have apikeys ready if you get through to interview process.

This corp is alpha and new player friendly.
10 Most recent kills

No data.

10 Most recent losses
Ship type Victim Final blow Location
Querious, 3-FKCZ (0.0)
I: 1

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